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Trance Nodriza
FRANTIC NOISE (Digibook CD / Digital Download)

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In Search Of Ancient Knowledge
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The Tales Of Harvia
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10 Thousand Watts
(Digital Download)
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Up Psy Down
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Sonic Geometry
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Purple Pixan
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Holographic memory 3
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Digital Om
Juicy Shrooms (Imaginarium Rmx)
AJJA (Digital Download)
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Umcherrel - the first tale
.Various (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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ACE VENTURA (CD / Digital Download)
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DUBSALON (Digital Download)
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Child Of Space (Digital EP)
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Voice of the Soul (goaep185)
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Rising sun
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Double Trip (ovniep205)
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Consciousness (goaep134)
DIGITAL SUN (Digital Download)
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Waves From Inner Space
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Inner Space (goaep176)
EXTENDED MEMORY (Digital Download)
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Rain God (goaep190)
UPAYA NO KENSHO (Digital Download)
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Source Transmission
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Spaghetti-Pizza and Psychedelic
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The Call Of Goa
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Stretch Of The Imagination
SYNCHROM (Digital Download)
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Sunrise from the treetop
HINKSTEP (Digital Download)
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1. Ngoni Rituall
2. Love From Afar

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Shaman Electro
Love From Afar
(Digital Download)
Release date:8/2016


Shaman Electro Wear and Shaman Electro Records are proud to present our next release due to come out in just two weeks: "Love from Afar" by: Art of Man aka Alon Chetrit. ::: Thousands of years have passed. The world turns again and again, we sleep and wake up and go about our daily lives just wishing for happiness and love to surround us and bring us closer to the vibration that is pure and full of goodness and peaceful feeling… yet sadly a separation exists in our world today. The Israeli and Palestinian ongoing conflict is making our heart cry and our should scream in agony for the violence and hatred to stop. We are all brothers and sister coming from a source of infinite proportions who are chasing to set neighbor against neighbor, we build walls to separate one another from the truth and love which can only grow when we stop the separation process and bring healing and love into our whole lives. Art of Man is a Ethnic music project which wishes to accomplish just this. We can not change the world alone but each one of us has a unique ability to contribute something, once we do that there is a chance for something good to come out… like peace and ending to separation. This release aims to raise our consciousness and awareness to the issues at hand and hopefully through art which only loving men and women of our sacred planet Gaia can produce for your wonderful lovely hearts, brains and ears. Bring the wall down and feel the “Love from afar”, because its only a proverbial wall separating us from being one race of humans!

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