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Dark Prisma Records
Trance Nodriza
FRANTIC NOISE (Digibook CD / Digital Download)

Forestdelic Records
Quantum Transitions
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Horrordelic Records
Holix & Friends
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Ezel Ebed Records
Interplanetary Entity
ZED REACTOR (CD / Digital Download)

Sonic Chakras Records
Head Bloom
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Rockdenashi Productionz
speed masterz
.Various (Digipack CD / Digital Download)

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Cyberbay Records
Cyber Catacomba
10,50 - 11,06 $

Spontaneous Aerobics
Abstract Sports pt.1
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Juicy Noise Records
History Of Gaia Vol. 1
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Mighty Quinn Records
Infinity Voyager
(Digital Download)
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No Comment Records
Alien Technology
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Zero Gravity Records
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Purple Hexagon
Underwater Mysteries
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Ovnimoon Records
Energy from the Cosmos
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Monkey Business Records
Strange Signals
(Digital Download)
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Active Meditation Music
Sonic Geometry
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Woorpz Records
B.A.Trance Movement Vol.1
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
5,90 - 6,21 $
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Power House
See The Light
ADRIAN FEDER (Digital Download)
4,00 - 4,21 $
Ovnimoon Records
ALPHAXONE (Digital Download)
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Ovnimoon Records
Good Time (ovniep158)
ZEOLOGIC (Digital Download)
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Omveda Records
Horizon Shift - Compiled by Jafar
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
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Blue Hour Sounds
The Garden of Delights
.Various (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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Digital Om
celestial beings
MIDDLE MODE (Digital Download)
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The Whole World Is An Illusion
TRY2FLY (Digital Download)
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Iboga Records
so called life
GAUDIUM (CD / Digital Download)
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Green Wizards Records
AGONIST (Digital Download)
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From here to the eternity
HIGH MAX (Digital Download)
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Digital Drugs Coalition
Muerta Tortuga (digiep049)
MECHDOLL (Digital Download)
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Osom Music
CRAZY ASTRONAUT (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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Treetrolla Records
Remember The Slime
.Various (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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Biomechanix Records
Space gadget
TRIBAL MUTANT (Digital Download)
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Dark Prisma Records
Intergalaktik Magik
SONIK SCIZZOR (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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Deep Love The Remixes
PROMID (CD / Digital Download)
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COSMOON (CD / Digital Download)
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Through the Inner Infinity (PAO1DW928)
EKTOSIDE (Digital Download)
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SUNDIAL AEON (CD / Digital Download)
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Science Of Addiction
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OOOD (CD / Digital Download)
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Clear mind
SOM (Digital Download)
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1. Light Intro (feat. GABY)
2. Soulheart vs Dream Surface
3. Free Your Mind
4. Hope
5. Rise & Shine
6. Out of Touch
7. Inertia
8. Space
9. Vibration
10. Out of Sight
11. Macaws

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Spiral Trax Records
Healing Lights Vol 4
(CD / Digital Download)
Release date:6/2016


Spiral Trax and world renown Slovene DJane Gaby combine magical energies to present the 4th and magical chapter of the much loved progressive psychedelic trance series 'Healing Lights. This episode is the brightest shining journey yet, created to touch many hearts and remind everyone about the beauty in us and in the world and to still believe there is hope for even more better days on this amazing planet we live on, as always resonating the message of harmony. This episode presents a well-balanced line up including some very well established producers as well as the cream of the new crop of new comers. Starting out with a heartfelt audio meditational message from Gaby and Suduaya we are introduced to the theme. With Soulearth and Dream Surface kicking it up a notch the door is open. Now Shogan will free your mind while Norma Project conveys a message of Hope. Ascent climbs higher with Rise and Shine. While Sonic Wave Control is beyond the reach of some with Out Of Touch. E-Mov and Sonic Elysium keep it going with Inertia. Mind Lab (aka Alchemix) launches us into Space, while Tat feels the Vibration. Twin Sonic orbits high Out Of Sight. And finally the smooth returns us to the photonic particles we were manifested from with Macaw - Lightwaves. The main intention was to unite amazing brilliant artists and create a beautiful journey and message coded in the medium of music, where you could feel the positive energy and love through the sound. In July 2007 she released her first compilation 'Healing Lights'. The aim was to create a musical journey with positive messages behind them. 2011 the second Healing Lights was born, after a fantastic feedback of the first. It was created as a charity CD to support children in need. At the end of 2014 Healing Lights 3 manifested with another blissful music journey from progressive to melodic Psytrance! Now finally in the spring of 2016, the fourth edition is born and again created with many beautiful artists and the healing lights family grows much over the last years. Each track was specially produced with deep passion, love and beauty. A heartfelt journey through progressive psy-trance and a touch of the downbeat world. Global success has taken Gaby all over the world through Asia, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Panama, Sweden, U.K., Finland, Italy, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Malta, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania, Monte Negro, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Portugal and many more. Through these experiences, it has allowed her to play at some of the biggest festivals around the globe such as Boom, Ozora, Sonica, Glade, Rainbow Serpent, S.U.N, Summer Never Ends, Transylvania Calling and many more. She is loved and respected for her bright meaningful way of expressing music which is unique and unforgettable. Gaby is well known for her 'Morning Sets' of melodic Psytrance to warm uplifting groovy progressive beats full of sunshine and joy. Come share the delights of Djane Gaby to see where her musical journey and path will lead you!

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