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Flying Over The Universe
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Power Of Destruction
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Juicy Noise Records
Future Evolution Vol. 1
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Midi Maze
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Sonic Geometry
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Information Channels
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World People
Tropical Blast
.Various (Digital Download)
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Living Art
EARTHEOGEN (Digital Download)
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Eleven Eleven
ONIRO (Digital Download)
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In The Lion's Den
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Free Spirit Vol. 5 - Mutual Reality
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Roots Are Connected
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Exploring the Inner Self
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Run or Stay
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Perfect Balance
TREFKO (Digital Download)
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Seventh Kind
GRUB (Digital Download)
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Wishi & Friends - Overconsumption
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A Fissure In Silence
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1. Let s go
2. Resistance
3. Cosmic Dream

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Goa Records
Let s go (goaep198)
(Digital Download)
Release date:12/2015


Goa Records presents this new great single release from Rony Melo titled Let’s Go, including three tracks that range from full power psytrance to progressive trance with tight productions and deep ideas for uplifting dance floor moments. Rony Melo is known for being a calm and mellow guy, but when he is on stage he knows how to rock the crowd. At an early age, Rony Melo discovered Electronic Dance Music. He grew a passion for Trance and House. His unique taste in both genres was highly praised by others which led him to pursue a career as a professional DJ. Starting with house parties and small gigs, Rony Melo's following quickly grew. With over 7 years of experience in the EDM industry, Rony Melo has performed in some of Atlanta's most respected venues such as Quad, Opera and Havana and performed at some of the biggest events in Atlanta such as Kingdom Rave, White Noise and The Black Out. With seamless transitions, Rony Melo's style in trance takes listeners on a psychaedelic journey that is dark with raw energy, yet uplifting with beautiful melodies. His trance feeds the spirit. His taste touches the hearts and minds of fans and converts new listeners, redefining their definition of trance which isn't always rainbows and unicorns. He is recognized as one of the best Trance DJs in Atlanta. Rony Melo has broadened his musical style to include house music, ranging from chill Tech and Deep House sets at his residency at Loca Luna to rocking huge crowds with Big Room, Progressive and Electro House. His taste is very rythmic, groovy, and melodic, but always full of bass. During his live sets, he focuses on bringing the most hottest mashups and freshest remixes out there. Wether he is spinning Trance or House, Rony Melo knows how to get even the most laid-back of crowds to dance and enjoy.

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