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Dark Prisma Records
Trance Nodriza
FRANTIC NOISE (Digibook CD / Digital Download)

Goa Madness Records
Phases Of Madness
.Various (CD / Digital Download)

Pixan HT
Science Of Addiction
.Various (CD / Digital Download)

Horrordelic Records
Into the Dark
.Various (Digipack CD / Digital Download)

Insomnia Records
COSMO (Digipack CD / Digital Download)

Treetrolla Records
Creaking Rhythms Valley
.Various (Digipack CD / Digital Download)

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Sentimony Records
10,50 - 12,35 $

Shamanism Records
Shamanic Meeting
(Double CD)
12,50 - 14,71 $

Juicy Noise Records
The Power of Music
10,50 - 12,35 $

Goa Madness Records
Fata Morgana
9,80 - 11,53 $

Yggdrasil Records
Good Vibrations
0,00 - 0,00 $

0,00 - 0,00 $

Believe Lab
Jungle Calling Vol. 2
(Digipack CD)
10,50 - 12,35 $

Hadra Records
Evolve & Resolve
6,00 - 7,06 $

Goa Records
Hypnotism Reality
(Digital Download)
4,00 - 4,71 $

HOMmega Productions
9,80 - 11,53 $

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Twizted Lotus Records
The Lotus Collections Vol 1
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
1,90 - 2,24 $
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Ovnimoon Records
MAAN (Digital Download)
4,00 - 4,71 $
Parabola Music
Lost Loves
TRIPSURFER (Digital Download)
4,00 - 4,71 $
Power House
HARMONY T. PANDA (Digital Download)
7,00 - 8,24 $
D-A-R-K- Records
Acid Activity
BRAIN DRIVER (Digital Download)
4,00 - 4,71 $
Ovnimoon Records
Space Illusion (Digital EP)
RIGEL (Digital Download)
4,00 - 4,71 $
Biijah Records
Una Onda Asi
PARANOIAC (Digital Download)
6,80 - 8,00 $
Pixan Recordings
TheAllucinati Conspiracy
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
9,90 - 11,65 $
Quantum Frog Productions
Beyond Atom
.Various (Double CD / Digital Download)
12,50 - 14,71 $
Sangoma Records
DIKSHA (CD / Digital Download)
9,80 - 11,53 $
Parabola Music
Idanha (PAO1DW919)
DJ KUNDALINI (Digital Download)
3,00 - 3,53 $
Noize Conspirancy
stimulated response
AMPLIFY (CD / Digital Download)
9,15 - 10,76 $
Space Baby Records
Full Story
SHIVA3 (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
4,90 - 5,76 $
Nano Records
Blow Your Mind
KILLERWATTS (CD / Digital Download)
9,40 - 11,06 $
Soundkraft Records
Nocturnal Delusions
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
10,50 - 12,35 $
Ovnimoon Records
Observer (ovniLP908)
PHANTOM SENTINEL (Digital Download)
9,80 - 11,53 $
Spiral Trax Records
Open Mind (SPIT069)
NORMA PROJECT (Digital Download)
3,00 - 3,53 $
Nutek Records
Skydivers Compiled By CPU
.Various (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
5,80 - 6,82 $
Sofa Beats Records
Stockholm city diesel
KARMACROP (Digital Download)
2,50 - 2,94 $
Fraktal Kaos Records
Order & Kaos
SULA KASKA (Digital Download)
9,80 - 11,53 $
Magma Records
MODULATOR (Digital Download)
4,00 - 4,71 $
Iboga Records
FREQ (CD / Digital Download)
11,10 - 13,06 $
Parvati Records
Parvatrip 3
.Various (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
9,80 - 11,53 $
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1. Mama Africa
2. Ayana The Tree Frog
3. Swamp Land
4. Secret Squirrel
5. Turn Up The Heat
6. Lost
7. Glitch In The Matrix
8. Time Warp
9. Down The Rabbit Hole

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Digital Download Available
Ovnimoon Records
Down The Rabbit Hole
(CD / Digital Download)
Release date:7/2014


Ovnimoon Records has eaten a magic mushroom and followed Necton the white rabbit down the Time Warp hole chasing a colourful wizard who seems to be late for his live set somewhere in 'Tomorrow Land'! Necton once more extends his fantastic flying carpet and given us a front row ride on his twisted and turning roller coaster through enchanted forests full of Secret Squirrels having progressive goa psytrance parties. Past thick gooey swamp land inhabited by dense layers of living acid lines, and get Lost when you realize Ayana the (Bufo) Tree Frog was playing with your head the whole time! Experience a Glitch In the Matrix and end up dancing the funky mambo with Mama Africa. Turn Up The Heat because you will never return from your visit Down The Rabbit Hole! Patrik Olsen aka Necton started his musical career as DJ. He had his first weekly resident DJ slot in 1991 playing vinyl's. With a background in the house and techno scene he soon got into the trance scene doing his first DJ sets in 1994. Necton was formed in 1997 together with Martin Staaf aka Liquid Stranger, after they met in a large scale commercial Music recording studio. In late 1999, 'Spirit Zone Recordings' offered Necton a contract with album releases, compilations and EP's to be released only on 'Spirit Zone'. Since then Necton has toured extensively all over the world, including countries like South Africa, Mexico, USA, Australia, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal to name a few. In 2005 Martin decided to pursue his 'Liquid Stranger' project full time and left Necton, which has since been a solo project of Patrik Olsen. Necton have recently released in 2013 and 2014 two EP's, with a third EP on it's way. Two albums will be released this year as well. Now this second part of the 'big return to the spotlight' features a spectacular album with newly produced music following the stellar success of 2013's 'Retrodelica' featuring top hits of the classic psychedelic progressive goa and tech trance generation, received amazing response. The music produced by Necton nowadays is around 130-142 bpm, high energy and often-hypnotic progressive trance with a psychedelic touch. Although trance music is the main focus, Necton also likes to explore the realms of any good contemporary electronic music, with a psychedelic touch.

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