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Parvati (Digital EP)
(Digital Download)
Release date:11/2013


Cosmic Vibration (Ananda Tribe Rec.) is a magic psytrance live act, with exploding live drums and tribal percussion, heavy full on basslines and progressive beatpatterns, celebrating the roots and the spirit of the psy trance/goa culture. Cosmic Vibrations music is a real extatic dancfloor filler, full of power and psychedelic trips, crunchy basslines and extatic drum beats. Heavy synthlines and dubstep earthquakes will expand your mind...the whole music shakes your body and your soul...booooM Together with live played real drums and lots of percussion from around the globe, a very special event. Cosmic Vibrations first album "The Return Of The Lightning Wolf", released on Tanzgemeinde Records, was a worldwide musically success. Cosmic Vibration released his 2nd Album LP "Roots In Space" on Ananda Tribe Records ,which brought him straight to Asia. Thomas Tiefenbacher, the artist behind Cosmic Vibration, is a multi talented musician and producer.He began touring as a drummer with Psychedelic Rock bands allover the globe. Thomas` life exists out of touring with his music and of meeting interesting people, situations and artists throughout the world. He recorded over 10 albums in different styles and labels. Since 3 years he is now operating from his mothership studio, creating massive sounds and projects, working as sideman for known and unknown bands, produced together with Sander Kleinenberg (Madonna) and Steve Dub (Chemical Brothers), played national and international Festivals in India,Portugal,Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Egypt, United Kingdom Belgium and France. Alongside with artists like D Addiction, Dirty Saffi, Psymetrix, Major 7, Mechanika , Star Sound Orchestra and many more. He is also a member of London based Progressive Rock Legend "Clear Blue Sky", with members of the Ginger Baker Group. He released a masterpiece of neo psychedelic kraut rock music.(Galaxy Transport) on legendary think progressive label, with groups like Guru Guru, Ash Ra Temple...Tangerine Dream All this influences as a working musician, are melted into his new psytrance project Cosmic Vibration. Psychedelictrance Music gives him the possibility to express his ideas. experiences and experiments in a dance context. Listen to Cosmic Vibration and you can feel the love for music and for life..There is a real musician behind it, knowing what he is doing. As a drummer he feels the groove you need to become extatitic, and he has also the shamanic knowledge to us his skills in a lightful way... Thomas is working with electronic tools, live drums and percussions, mixing the best of the digital world with the analog one. The all new EP "Parvati" is now released in 2013, on Geomagnetic Records.

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