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1. Sunday Morning
2. Duality
3. Sky In Diamonds
4. Moonlight Pixies
5. Go Ask Yourself
6. Universe
7. Atman
8. Neverland
9. Glory

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Ovnimoon Records
Sky In Diamonds
(CD / Digital Download)
Release date:9/2014


Ovnimoon Records team truly is excited and honored to present Sky In Diamonds, the fourth album from Alla Vagner, known as Maiia Project in the chillout and downtempo scene, now back with Maiia303 for the Progressive Trance scene. The numbers 303, added to the name of the project means that it's the same Maiia, but now closer to goa-trance and progressive style. Most know that the main instrument for all goa trance producers was the legendary Roland TB303, you will hear this iconic instrument in every track of Maiia303 album Sky In Diamonds. The album consists of 9 tracks in different styles, starting with soft Sunday Morning in 120 bpm, continuing through 135 bpm melodic progressive goa trance and ending with downtempo track in 7/8 time signature, Glory. Besides a lot of amazing synths and groovy rhythms live bass by Helen Bass provides parts in some of the tracks. Translated from sanskrit, Maiia means magic, illusion, power, fruit of cosmic creativity. Through the music of our project we aim to attract listeners to explore ancient ethnic rhythms and magic sounds that filled the universe even at the times where no civilizations existed. We wish to remind people of the Nature surrounding human beings and to bring joy and love to their hearts. Maiia (real name Alla Vagner) took her first lessons of acoustic guitar at the age of 12. She challenged the role of a bass player in several metal bands later on, giving club concerts around the city of Moscow. In 2004 Maiia gets involved into different kinds of electronic music. She starts expressing herself as a downtempo DJ in 2005, playing her beautiful sets at the best club venues of Moscow. Her DJ sets get lined up at such huge events as Klusa Daba (the largest ambient open air in Latvia), Rhythms of Peace (Morocco), Planet Art Eco Festival (Ukraine, Crimea), Systo Palty Gathering (coast of the Finnish Gulf), Trimurti (Russia). In 2006 Maiia's passion to electronic music evolves into music production. She draws her inspiration from the sounds of Nature and ancient ethnic music. On regular basis Maiia records conceptual dj sets mixing various styles of downtempo. Her music is being broadcasted in multiple radio shows around the globe. Maiia is an often guest at the world's largest electronic music online radio station Di dot FM in USA. In 2009 Alla assembles her ethno psy chill band for live performances, consisting mainly of female musicians. The band inherits the name of its leader Maiia. Alla acts as the band's music author and producer. In addition to various synthesizers, many of Alla's recordings feature sounds of live instruments and vocals. As such in some the tracks you will hear the 'cosmic guitar' of Mikhail Finogenov (aka beta700a), flutes, the overtone singing of Olya Zemlianika and Galina Shetinina's magic cello. In autumn 2009 Maiia release their first EP entitled 'Forest Magic'. First album of Maiia 'Sacred Knowledge of Ancient Civilizations' released on Altar Records In April 2011. Most recently in 2012 her latest and most popular album so far, 'Shakti' released here on Ovnimoon Records.

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