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History Of Gaia Vol. 1
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Alien Technology
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Transversable Wormholes
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Spacetime Boulevard - Stop 2
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A Fissure In Silence
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We are not Alone in the Universe
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1. Apparitions
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3. Mental Contamination
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10. Brain Bender (Mr. Madness rmx)

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Mind Funk Records
Ballistic Brain Benders
(CD / Digital Download)
Release date:4/2011


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...............YES! Here we are again with yet another twisted teazzzzzzzzzzer from the Mind Funk audio archives! Right after you thought you could breathe for a bit of air, we're about to kick your nuts in once more with another ball busting, toe twisting, booby bouncing and eardrum energizing plate of psychedelic plastic. Shake those rusty hips and ride those yummie beats, 'cause you're about to start zig-zaging right into “Giddiyappa” mode ! Mr. Madness is knocking on your front door and he's bound to get you flabbergasted as f**k within a jiffy. This Mind Funk label lunatic's been collecting some serious mega musical monstrocities guaranteed to get you catastrophically clusterfucked on the spot. This stuff shuffles and shakes you and all your barbarian bouncing baboon buddies right into a wild hurd of lecherous lemonade loving lunatics. Right when your eyeballs start saluting your gonads and your nipples are aiming for the 3rd floor, you'll know you once again got a proper double dipped dose from your favorite mental freaks @ Mind Funk. Toes will tremble, teeth will tumble and tits will twist into a twirling tornado after you've had this fresh piece of pompous psychedelic peachyness bust your bombastic bollox to bits....and oooooooh, don't you love it ! “Damn....what just happened to me?” is the usual response to such shredding cybernetic tissue teasing. Right there, within the blink of an eye your crusty braincells, wobbly bubble boobs or rusty nuttsack instantly realize this was the next dose of Mind Funk madness you wanted soooooooooo badly. There's simply no way back once we got you hooked on our extatic eargasmic, braincell bashing audio tonics. After all, we did make it our mission to never let go, to sink our teeth in your sassy rear end and to push the limits of your psychedelic perception way beyond anything you're ever come across. There's no way back, there's no way let your boobs go ballistic, drop ur jaws in awe and scratch ur buttocks one last time before this mad man will bend your brain to the very freakin' max. Mr. Madness is coming to your town and this fierce and furious battering beat baron is coming to stay! Mr. Madness is Filipe Goulart, born in 1987 and resident of the Portuguese part of the Iberian island. Originally he’s from the beautiful Azores Islands, but nowadays he’s inhabiting and studying in the country’s capital Lisbon. Having been influenced heavily by Tekno/Schranz for a while, he popped into psytrance in the year 2006 at the legendary Boom Festival and got hooked on it in a jiffy, which is no surprise right? He’s been DJ-ing since the year 2009, but his interested shifted rapidly towards the producing part of his favorite music style. Filipe’s been doing a few courses in sound production here and there and is now about to graduate for his bachelor’s degree in science & sound technology at the Universidade Lusofuna de Humanidades e Technologia. His personal project “Mr. Madness” has seen the fresh rays of daylight in the beginning of 2010, majorly thanks to the help of his good friend Hendrik “Bombax”, who’s been a major influence and inspiration to him. Filipe’s main challenge is to bring some fresh sounds to the monoculture of full-on music in the Portuguese psytrance scene of today and his fresh approach towards things to do so are successful so far. After all, psytrance is not supposed to be about just heading into one direction all the time, but it’s true power is found in the diversity of sounds and styles in his belief. His musical skills have developed rapidly over the past couple of years and his music can be described as “Not too hard, not too soft, not to cute and not to ugly” if we may quote our dear friend on that. So far this mad man has managed to be very productive in just a short amount of time and has been working his ass off to get his debut album ready on the label Undervoice Records from Guatamala, which is due to get released in February 2011. Next to this he’s been working on a ball busting Mind Funk compilation CD together with DJ Shawnodese, which should be in your hands at the very moment of reading this information sheet…or at least within a few weeks after. Next to having his own project Mr. Madness he’s also co-producing with his roommate and co-organizer Paolo Gonçalves a.k.a. Inner Coma. Their project is named Dystopia also featured on this Mind Funk compilation. They’re aiming for maximum dance floor madness and impact with intense and pretty insane high-speed psychedelica between the range of 150 and 175 BPM We´re truly proud to have this new fresh Portuguese project aboard of our music team and we´re sure this stark raving mad man will hit you like a thunderstorm.

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