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Dark Prisma Records
Trance Nodriza
FRANTIC NOISE (Digibook CD / Digital Download)

Goalogique Records
Cosmic Guide
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Biijah Records
Alien Seeds
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Pleiadian Records
Star Beings
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Multifrequency Records
Enlightenment Eye
SUKE (Digipack CD / Digital Download)

Bhooteshwara Records
Wishi & Friends - Overconsumption
.Various (Digipack CD / Digital Download)

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Sentimony Records
10,50 € - 12,35 $

Shamanism Records
Shamanic Meeting
(Double CD)
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Juicy Noise Records
The Power of Music
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Goa Madness Records
Fata Morgana
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Yggdrasil Records
Good Vibrations
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Liquid Sound Design
Infinite Sunshine
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Hadra Records
Evolve & Resolve
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Believe Lab
Jungle Calling Vol. 2
(Digipack CD)
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HOMmega Productions
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Goa Records
The Great Man
INFINITY OF LOVE (CD / Digital Download)
3,90 € - 4,59 $
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Spiral Trax Records
MERLIN S APPRENTICE (Digital Download)
3,00 € - 3,53 $
Tendance Music
XENOBEN (Digital Download)
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BooM! Records
SOLAR SPECTRUM (Digital Download)
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Zenon Records
Bush Food Vol 2
.Various (Digital Download)
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Uxmal Records
Connecting Worlds
SHEEWTON (Digital Download)
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No Comment Records
The Multiplication of Evil
MULTI EVIL (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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Ezel Ebed Records
Spiritual Rising
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
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Hypergate Records
Cosmic Matter
ALIENN (CD / Digital Download)
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Iboga Records
Stardust - Digital EP
PERFECT STRANGER (Digital Download)
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Purple Hexagon
Denatured Peninsula
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Digital Om
Planes of Consciousness
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F - Time
AVANT GARDE (Digital Download)
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Shaman Films Records
Tropical terror
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Black Magik Records
mortifer foedus
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
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Bom Shanka Music
Synthetic slingshot
MODULE VIRUS (Digital Download)
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D-A-R-K- Records
Kali Inferno
POST TRAUMATIC (Digital Download)
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Hadra Records
Obsessiv Progressiv
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
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THE RIDDLER (CD / Digital Download)
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ACIDFLUX (Digital Download)
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Full Of Consciousness
NITRODROP (Digital Download)
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Infinity Voyager
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Then and Now
THIRSTY AMIGO (Digital Download)
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1. End Creation
2. Doom
3. Strange Cookies

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Psytribe Records
End Creation
(Digital Download)
Release date:9/2017


Psytribe Records invites you to enter the void as we proudly present the latest EP from LA’s own Triceradrops!This EP showcases the talented producer maintaining his singular approach, a hard hitting and potent blend of heavy Psy with shades of dark pounding techno and the blackness of underground metal, all combined to create one seriously fun time on the dance floor! We begin with “End Creation”, the title track packs a punch, luring you in with its giant bass line and synths that build slowly into a freakish arrangement. As drones creep into the background and begin to sip into the corners, bizarre alien sounds bounce around your brain and force you into submission.Second comes “Doom”, with its beautiful eerie synths and thick-layered atmosphere, this tune takes over with a massive bass, crushing and destroying everything in its path. Laced with hypnotic pads and rich textures, “Doom” is a great example of the innovative psy style carved out by Triceradrops. We warp things up with a punchy collaboration between Triceradrops and Strange Cookies the up and coming duo from LA. “Human” is a crazy head trip, featuring glitchy synths and draggy tones that spiral out of control, along with a killer bass. Journey to the dark side with Triceradrops and pick up your copy of the “End Creation” EP out on Psytribe Records today! BIO: Triceradrops is the debut solo project from Los Angeles based producer, Julian Noriega. The unique sound of Triceradrops can best be described as a fusion of cutting edge Psychedelic Trance and hard pounding Techno - with the unique energetic twist of metal added for good measure! His musical experience is vast despite his young age. Julian has played guitar for over a decade, and has been part of several Punk and Metal bands. He attended Los Angeles Recording School where he learned the ins and outs of electronic music production, mixing, arrangement, and synthesis - and earned his degree in Audio Engineering. It was during this time that he fell in love with the sound of electronic music, and began teaching himself how to produce in Logic. Highly influenced by his eclectic musical taste and background, Triceradrops presents the world with a sound unlike anything we've heard before! He takes the dark ethereal energy of Metal, the thumping and pounding drive of Techno, and the polished and intricate storylines and production from Psychedelic Trance, and fuses them into a brand new concoction that is making noise on all sides of the globe! Triceradrops is part of a new generation of producers who is breaking down boundaries, and changing the landscape of the worldwide Trance movement with new and unique sounds that are sure to echo across dance floors for years to come! Triceradrops is also one of a small handful of rising producers from the USA - driving the scene to new heights and places it has never been before! Triceradrops is a proud member and resident of the southern California based Psytrance crew too.

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