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1. Music Is The Universal Language
2. 5 Levels Of Psychedelics
3. Intelligent Mind
4. Love Is God
5. Unconditional Love
6. Spiritual Path
7. Vibrations
8. Kill Me Again
9. Respect To All Colors

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Spiral Trax Records
Universal Language
Release date:7/2017

Spiral Trax proudly presents the exhilarating new progressive psytrance journey from top French talent Electit expressing his philosophy with this master piece album entitled Universal Language. Cedric has really created not only his best work to date but also somehow achieved that ephemeral and mystical quality of greatness which you will instantly appreciate. At this point in his dedicated and hard-working music career this summit of creative output is remarkable on many levels. Combining powerful psychedelic progressive trance techniques together with over a decade of music skill and mastery attained from performing his music live internationally. Cedric Lamouche is eager to share the culmination of his life work expressed with these songs. Cedric is a virtuoso of Electronic Music styles that he developed by working with many top producers like Total Eclipse, David Shanti, Phonic Request, DJ Yann, EcoSphere, Attik. Tapping all of his knowledge and skills Cedric really portrays a solid concept from beginning to end delivering a timeless and pleasurable listening experience ready for blasting the dance floor and at home, and especially while driving. The music takes you on a fluid journey across psychedelic soundscapes where your minds eye is powered by gracious wings, enabling you to fly past the horizon of your imagination and farther in the future. Spiral Trax has the distinct privilege to collaborate with some of the best and well known producers from around the globe and with this new release we have the opportunity to return again with this leading artist also known as Sychovibes released an album on our sub-label Parabola. Cedric has another project focused on high tech fullon trance called Sychodelicious. When he is collaborating on music he often works with David Shanti and together they have two projects. Terraformers is well known and has released top tracks on labels like TIP, Parabola Music, Geomagnetic, Goa Records, Digital Drugs, EDM Records, YSE, Phoenix Groove, Hadra, Ovnimoon, Fresh Frequencies, Power House and more. For their other newer project they focus on psychedelic progressive trance under the name Warped Mouse. Cedric has release a total of sixth other albums so this will be his seventh full length album. Look for all new releases under all of his great projects here on Spiral Trax where the world's best producers gather together to blow your mind and drive you to new levels of dancing bliss.

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